Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Ovspring for medical, assessment, therapy &/or intervention programs.  The following information is provided to ensure efficiency and quality of services.

1)    When you arrive at the clinic for treatment, always check in with a staff member.  Your payment or co-payment is required at this time.  Please wait until your therapist or an assistant arrives to escort your child to the treatment area.

2)    Please have your child in clothes that are easy to move in for their treatment.


3)    If you are running late for your appointment, please call our office so that your therapist may be notified of the delay.  We may or may not be able to extend your time depending upon scheduling.

4)    If it is necessary to cancel or re-schedule a treatment, cancellation policy applies.

5)    If you need to have a private discussion with your therapist regarding concerns about your child, please let your therapist know at the beginning of the treatment session.  The last 10 minutes of your child’s therapy time can be used for consultation or a separate Parent Review Appointment can be made.


6)    It is the therapist’s responsibility to write a progress note on your child’s treatment each visit, in 6rder to document progress.  It is also important for the therapist, since it is necessary to assess progress and update goals.  This will be done the last 5 minutes of the treatment session.

Drop off / pick up times:

Parents must pick up their children promptly and should be available 10 minutes prior to the therapy session ending time.  Your payment is required at this time.  If you are not picking up your child, a Child Pick-up Authorisation form should be completed to authorize us to release your child to your caregiver.

Clients and siblings should remain in the waiting room until greeted by a therapist.  If you are early please wait in the waiting room until a therapist or staff person directs you to the therapy room.

Waiting Room

We seek your cooperation in making our clinic a safe place for families.  Please do not allow children to stand on the waiting room furniture (chairs, table, toy containers) as this is unsafe and may result in injury.  Waiting room toys are to remain in the waiting room and should not be taken back to the therapy rooms or home with the child.  Therapy toys and games are to remain in the therapy rooms and toy storage area, and are not to be taken into the waiting room. We will post information on the bulletin board regarding upcoming events, cancellations, conferences, etc.

Monthly Advance Payment of Fees

With effect of January 2009, all families will be requested to make payment for therapy fees monthly in advance. This allows the clinic to ensure that commitment to providing these services on popular slots are secured. Payment will be requested in the last week of the preceding month.


At intake, families requesting for assessment and intervention services will be required to put in a deposit as an indication of their commitment to seek services at Ovspring. Deposit will be refunded to the family on initial appointment. Should the family decide to return for therapy upon return of deposit, a fresh deposit will be required once they are taken off the caseload.

Notification to the Clinic of Infectious Diseases

In accordance to MOH requirements, all patients who receive treatment of infectious diseases such as Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD), Chickenpox, etc must be notified to CDC. Children who attend therapy sessions and who contract infectious diseases will also need to notify Ovspring by telephone, fax or email as soon as possible, so that proper precautions can be taken to ensure that steps are taken to prevent spread of the disease. Parent’s cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Baby Bonus

Ovspring Developmental Clinic is an Approved Institution registered with MCYS under the Baby Bonus Scheme. Children who are eligible to use their baby bonus for intervention and assessment fees may apply to do so.  Parents should note that an original Authorisation form for deduction of Baby Bonus needs to be submitted to Ovspring, and sent off for approval to the relevant authorities and banks. It will typically take 3 to 4 weeks for forms to be processed and application approved, should there be no unforeseen delays.  Prior to approval, all fees must be settled at the end of each session.  Authorisation forms for filing up, may be obtained from your clinical coordinator at the reception.

Client Confidentiality

Ovspring Developmental Clinic’s therapists are authorized to discuss a child’s diagnosis, session, progress, and behaviour with the child’s parents, family, or parent-authorized guardian, and with members of the child’s team of therapists within the clinic.  We will not share information about a child with his/her teachers, friends, or nannies, without the parents’ written consent.  You will need to execute the relevant authorization forms before release of information to 3rd parties.  Similarly, if confidential information is required from 3rd parties, we will require you to execute permission forms to that effect.  Please obtain these forms from your therapist or clinical coordinator, if so required.

We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to serving your family.  If you have any questions regarding the therapy received, please do not hesitate to contact your therapist or Clinical Operations Head. Thank You for your cooperation.


If you need clarifications on the above, please send us an email at admin@ovspring.com or call us at +65 6466 8090. 


Thank you.


Staff & Management of 

Ovspring Developmental Clinic, Singapore