Ovspring Developmental Clinic seeks to provide
Family-Centred, Quality Healthcare &
Rehabilitation Services for Children & Adolescents

"Ovspring Developmental Clinic is dedicated to promoting children's and adolescents' healthy development so that they may achieve their potential and participate in family, school and community life." Dr June Lou, Medical Director


Core Values and Philosophy


Central to Ovspring's philosophy is Family-Centred Care. This philosophy stems from the belief that health care providers and the family are partners, working together to promote the child's healthy development & effective functioning in daily life.

Parents, family members and caregivers are key to the child's support network. Their insights can enhance staff specialists' technical knowledge, improve patient care and help design better programs and friendlier service delivery systems.


The following Core Values help incorporate Family-Centred Care into every aspect of Ovspring's clinical practice:


In order to provide best care to the families we serve, Ovspring is committed to quality, integrity and professionalism in every aspect of clinical and research practice.


Family-centered care requires trust and respect - for each family's value and belief systems and cultural background. We acknowledge each family's knowledge about their children, their authority as decision-makers. We respect and support their choices.


To make educated choices about treatment, we help provide information to families. When families understand their options, they feel more confident about their child's treatment and therapy plans.


We support families by respecting their decisions; offering comfort as they cope with the child's difficulties; meeting the social, developmental and emotional needs of the child; and fostering family members' confidence in their ability to care for their child.


Information Sharing & Collaboration
As partners in care, professional staff and family members work together as collaborators in the best interest of the child. We provide medical information to families and values the personal information families provide about their children. This information exchange builds trust and strengthens partnership with families.


We support and empower family members as partners in their child's care. This will help them cope more confidently with their child's difficulties and challenges. The core concepts of family-centered care empower families in the choices they make in the best interests of their child.