Feeding, Nutrition & Diet

Children who present with feeding disorders may result in having poor nutrition, illness and increased risk of lung infections if aspiration (entry of food or liquid into airway) occurs. Some feeding and swallowing problems may occur due to medical problems (e.g. gastric reflux); developmental delay; poor muscle tone and control (e.g. cerebral palsy); oral sensorimotor deficits (e.g. children with autism); or brain injury. 


Children with feeding or swallowing disorders presents with symptoms such as irritability or excessive crying during feeding, extending feeding times, coughing or gagging when feeding, difficulties with sucking (bottle/breast), and may be picky about food textures.


At Ovspring, our paediatrician, working with the team of speech-language therapists and occupational therapists,  provides family-centred care with multidisciplinary management of feeding. In addition, we work in consultation with nutritionists and dietitians to provide holistic care to children and families.