The Alert Program

Ovspring offers the ALERT Program for self-regulation in a peer group setting. The program "How Does Your Engine Run" is used under the guidance and supervision of Ovspring’s occupational therapists to assist children ages 7-11 years to develop awareness of arousal levels and offer strategies for self-regulation. By participating in the ALERT Program in a group setting, the children will enhance their self-esteem, coping abilities and self-knowledge to regulate their arousal states with minimal adult interventions.

The Alert Group runs for 10 sessions and consists of 4-6 children of similar ages and levels of function. This program is most appropriate for those children who demonstrate average or above average cognitive skills. The ALERT group will include learning opportunities in both structured, work and play situations. Emphasis will be on development of regulation strategies, social behaviour, and self-awareness.

An introductory session on the Alert Program for parents and teachers is held as part of parent education for better follow through at home or school.  Parents and/or teachers of the child are encouraged to attend.

For information about schedules, please call us at +65 64666 8090 to enquire about the Alert Group, or email for more information.



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Singapore clinicians, including Ovspring staff, benefitted from training by Therapyworks USA, and Carla Cay Williams, OTR, in the Alert Program in June 2006.