Building Blocks 2 Language (BB2L)

A Language, Communication & Social Skills Class for Toddlers & Pre-schoolers

Parents often ask, “What can I do to help my child speak?”  This toddler group therapy is designed to encourage expressive language skills in very young children that need a little extra help.

Led by a speech-language pathologist, assisted by teaching assistants and other allied health such as occupational therapists, group foster relationships that build communication. Playful activities are structured to help children learn how to use words and phrases for communication.

This group works on establishing pre-requisite to communication such as eye contact, attention, imitation, communicative turn-taking, learning to request by pointing, through to vocalising and spontaneous use of single words or short phrases to express intentions.

As sessions develop, objectives would include use of appropriate language and social behaviour in soliciting another’s attention. Learning to ask and forming simple questions as well as listening to others when they speak.  Social skills component and objectives could include such as cooperating with peers, turn taking and negotiation. Parents' participation may be required for the first few sessions. A parent-training session within the course of the program duration is included.

Children join in language-based activities that are designed to stimulate communication and social interaction. In this supported environment, verbal and physical prompts are utilised to encourage children to show, invite, share, greet and negotiate. Over time, therapist support is faded as children begin to use their skills spontaneously.


Enrolment Please speak to our clinical coordinator Grace Yap, our case manager for a screening by our speech-language pathologist or consultation with our paediatrician prior to joining the group. Alternatively, email A minimum of 2 children is required to start the group.

Format Group Session (max of 4 children to 1 speech-language pathologist & 1 assistant)

Frequency  Once or twice weekly for a total of 10 sessions, each session for 1.5 hours


Fees S$100 inc GST per child per session. Fees are collected in advance blocks of 5 sessions per time to ensure commitment to the program.