"Getting on Track with Handwriting" Clinic


This handwriting clinic helps children prepare and jumpstart into the new term by getting into a positive attitude toward handwriting. The program is filled with activities and strategies to help school-going children get into a can-do attitude toward handwriting - a skill which many have received little positive feedback.


Children will learn multi-sensory strategies to improve postural control, upper body strength and stability, fine motor skills and manipulation, visual perceptual skills, and eye-hand coordination. All of which are necessary for handwriting. Practical strategies will also be taught using a cognitive approach and learners can put these strategies easily into practice in the classroom.


This handwriting clinic is tailored for two groups of children with or without learning difficulties:

(1) Pre-K and Kindergarteners (pre-K, ages 4 to 6)

(2) Early primary school children with or without learning difficulties (ages 7 to 9)



In addition to handwriting clinics for children, Ovspring's occupational therapists run workshops for parents and teachers on handwriting, providing much needed strategies for caregivers and educators to continue working with their charges both in the home and school environments. Please review our Events for information on training workshops.


If you would like more information about our handwriting clinic, please call our admin team on +65 6466 8090 or email admin@ovspring.com