Speech-Language Assessment & Intervention

Ovspring Developmental Clinic offers comprehensive speech, language and feeding evaluations. We address the strengths and deficits exhibited by the child in terms of pragmatics or social communication and language content as well as oral-motor skills necessary for good speech and feeding.


The assessment process for children involves taking a detailed history from parents, gathering supporting information if needed (e.g. school reports, psychological assessment reports, audiogram), and assessing the child's communication skills via standardised measures and non-standardised clinical observations. Assessment usually requires one to three visits.


Our speech pathology team works closely together in planning the goals for therapy and a treatment plan for your child. We rely on the comprehensive information recorded during our evaluation procedure to establish a solid baseline for your child's treatment plan. In addition, information provided by occupational therapists, psychologists and other professionals working with your child are also valuable for us to have a holistic view of the child in the evaluation and treatment process.


Some of the standardised tests used could include but are not limited to:
- Preschool Language Scale - Fifth Edition (PLS-5)
- Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation 2
- Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals - Fourth Edition (CELF-4)
- Test of Auditory Prcoessing Skills - Third Edition (TAPS-3) 

What happens after an Evaluation?

After an evaluation, your therapist may recommend a block of intervention sessions depending on the needs of the child. Therapeutic goals are shared with parents and caregivers, who are encouraged to follow through at home to work with the child.


Need more information on Speech Language Pathology Evaluations? Give our clinical coordinator a call at +65 6466 8090.