Contract Services to Schools & Agencies

Ovspring professionals are experienced in providing consultancy and training locally as well as in the region. Our senior professionals have both clinical as well as faculty teaching experience across different areas of Child Development, Paediatrics, Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Psychological Services. 


Consultancy services can range from specialist service provision to program development, depending on the specific needs of the agency or institution.  Our expert staff are trained to work with families, physicians, and educational programs.


We are happy to see how we can add value to service provision at your school, agency or institution. 


We work with --


1. Local & International Schools:

Services we can provide include:

  • Training for Learning Support staff, teachers and parents.
  • Joint program development with international and local schools to support and integrate children and adolescents with special needs.
  • Programs or projects such as Social Thinking Groups, Disability Awareness Day, etc.


2. International Healthcare Providers:

Looking to have specialised programs but not sure how to get started in the local or regional market? Looking for staff with specialised expertise with local know-how and networking? Talk to us on how you can implement your specialised programs and systems in Singapore or in the region.


3. Home-based & School-based Services and Training:

Our specialists are ready to help parents and caregivers become more effective in working with children in their natural environments. We work directly with the child, as well as train parents and caregivers.  Depending on needs, transition and in-school services for children can be arranged.


4. Other Non-Profit Organisations:

Our programs and services can be designed to meet your needs and requirements. We will be happy to meet with you to address opportunities.


We are able to work with your agency to develop quality, value-added programs. We are able to work at your location, in the home setting or at our clinic in Singapore. We design program specific to your population and budgetary requirements. Do call our General Manager or email: for a confidential discussion.