Assessment Procedures

Parents, guardians, schools, mental health providers, paediatricians and other service providers may refer children and adolescents for testing with psychologists at Ovspring.


Please call us at +65 6466 8090 (Singapore) to speak with the Case Manager to enquire about Ovspring's psycho-educational or psychological testing service.


Prior to scheduling an appointment, an intake packet is sent to the family/guardian, which includes questionnaires about the child/adolescent's developmental, medical, social and academic history. Once the forms are completed by the relevant parties (parents/guardians/teachers) and returned to the clinic with an appointment deposit, Ovspring's intake clinician team will review that information.


Intake information is reviewed with any additional reports of previous evaluations and school information in order to help decide the most appropriate types of assessments to be conducted.


Summary of Assessment Procedures:


  • Parent/Guardian/School completes intake packet (forms/questionnaires) and places a confirmation deposit


  • Assignment to a clinician (or team of clinicians) for a comprehensive assessment


  • Assessment visits are planned (approx. 6 to 9 hours over 2 to 3 days).


  • Individualised feedback session with the parent/guardian is conducted to review the results of the assessment and the proposed recommendations. This can be done either at the end of the testing period or on collection of the report. 


  • On completion of the assessment, written reports take approximately 8 weeks to be completed


  • The final written report is sent to the parent/guardian


  • The attending clinician can attend school meetings, should this be requested