Caregiver Training & Support


Ovspring Developmental Clinic regularly run caregiver training workshops as well as in-clinic parent training on-site. For 2010-2011, the following courses are approved for Caregiver Training Grant (CTG), administered by the CEL:


CTG038/10/11: Introduction to "It Takes Two to Talk" - The Hanen Program® for Parents

CTG039/10/11: Understanding and working with Your child on Social Thinking and Perspective Taking Skills

CTG040/10/11: Language For Thinking: Teaching Verbal Reasoning Skills to Children with Language Delay

CTG042/10/11: Building Blocks to Language: Practical Strategies to Enhance Speech Development in Children

CTG043/10/11: Getting it Write: Practical Handwriting Intervention Strategies for Success at Home & In School

CTG104/10/11: Encouraging Partners and Peers Skills in Verbal Children on the Autism Spectrum

CTG105/10/11: Managing Disruptive Behaviour in Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders : What Works?

CTG106/10/11: Practical Strategies for Caregivers: Managing Challenging Behaviours in Children with Learning and Attention Difficulties

CTG107/10/11: Introduction to "More Than Words" - The Hanen Program For Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


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