"Transitions" - Preparing for School Readiness


Readiness is a process that occurs over time and in context. It is not complete by the first day of Primary 1, nor is it something that can be evaluated by a brief, simple test. It is much more than a child's knowledge of a few skills that are displayed in the first few weeks of school, or behaviour of compliance to school rules.


The Transitions group is targeted for children going into mainstream primary local schools. Children who are returning from overseas to join the local system of schools and may need guidance in functional skills would find this a useful class to attend.


We consider school readiness as a process whereby the child responds to positive changes in their new environment. Readiness occurs once a child has entered a school environment and begun to interact with teachers, materials, and peers.


Ovspring's school readiness program, "Transitions", supports parents and children from preparatory stages prior to entry into school through to the first few months into school. Children and parents are supported through this transition into school and will receive additional help from Ovspring professionals where required.


Through "Transitions", children will be guided to experience independence and success with new school experiences. The purpose of the "Transitions" group is to develop personal and community independence, as well as promote getting along with others.


Sessions will be structured to provide your child to learn, practice and apply skills in a controlled situation. This is done through use of social thinking strategies, peer interaction and modelling.


Activities may vary, include but not limited to:
•    Learning to self-toilet, ask for help, and other self-care skills
•    Planning a trip to the bookshop or tuckshop to practice money skills
•    Learning time organisation skills, packing of bag, following & managing timetables
•    Managing socially appropriate group behaviour (e.g. recess, assembly time)
•    Understanding the concept of bullying & seeking help

Typical group size is between 4 to 6 children and is appropriate for children slated for local mainstream Primary 1 in the following year.


Parent involvement and home practice is necessary for skill building. Parents will be expected to attend the pre and post meetings that will provide an overview of the group and the opportunity to discuss objectives, goals and progress of their child.  To ensure consistency and successive growth experiences, attendance is critical to the success of the "Transitions" Group.


This program is typically run in the last quarter of the year, as a day program of 1.5 hours for 8 to 10 weeks, up to 4 weeks prior to the start of the school year and 4-6 weeks into the school year. This carryover will provide support to families to manage issues on transitioning.


The program is run by Ovspring's multi-disciplinary team of therapists (psychologist, occupational therapist & speech-language therapist). 


To enrol into the "Transitions" group, the child may be required to complete intake process via:

1) An initial consultation with our Medical Director, Dr June Lou; &/or
2) Individual sessions (depending on needs analysis) prior to joining the group "Transitions" session.


Please enquire with our admin team at admin@ovspring.com or tel 6466 8090 on availability and scheduling of this program.