Team Approach to Assessment & Intervention

Referrals requiring team assessment are discussed by members of the professional team at weekly case meetings. Our case manager and clinical coordinators are tasked to help parents understand the assessment process, gather information and work with the family post-assessment to add value to both assessment and treatment outcomes. These are just some of the processes which reflect our philosophy of being family-focused and holistic in our approach.


Defining Ovspring's Team Approach

Ovspring professionals work on a collaborative and multidisciplinary basis to deliver patient care to our families and patients. The term "collaborative" in the context of patient care delivery refers to how communications work and how decisions are made at Ovspring. In a collaborative model, decisions on what care is necessary and who provides that care are made by the Ovspring professionals in a horizontal, collaborative manner and there is a full exchange of information among our team members within formalised structures (such as scheduled weekly case meetings) to meet this objective.


By "multi-disciplinary", we mean that different professionals (such as medical professionals, speech language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and psychologists) may provide their findings on diagnoses, assessments, and treatment, within their scope of practice and competence, with input from paediatricians and medical professionals on the team.


The two concepts, collaborative and multi-disciplinary, are joined so that an interdisciplinary approach is brought not only to the delivery of care, but also to all of the decisions and communications relating to the delivery of care. Depending on the complexity of the case, assessment sessions (and subsequently treatment sessions) can have one or more professionals working with the child at one time. Reports generated can be issued from different disciplines, or from an inter-disciplinary perspective. All reports are dependent on individual families' needs and decisions that are made collaboratively with the family and our professionals.

How Ovspring's Team Approach Benefit Families

Some children exhibit more than one functional area of concern. For example, a child may have any combination of difficulties in learning, motor, speech, hearing and/or other areas. Performance in one area is often affected by difficulties in another. In such situations, parents will benefit from Ovspring's team approach to evaluation and treatment.


At Ovspring, we strive to provide an integrated understanding of how multiple variables may be impacting the child's performance. We work with families and caregivers, together with our professional and case management team, to close the loop in providing and receiving information and feedback for better patient care. Our support structure includes training for parents and other stake holders, such as teachers and other family members (i.e. grandparents and siblings) help deliver family-focused care.


If you would like to find out more about our philosophy, treatment approach, and support activities, please contact us via our Information Form or feel free to visit website links on Resources and Calendar of Events.